Contemplating happy

What makes you happy? A friend told me to think happy thoughts when I feel sad, or I have a bad attitude. That sounds so simple. I have been thinking more about what makes a person happy and how to keep oneself content. I read an article about increasing happiness. Being thankful is one thing. Not comparing yourself to others is another point. I have a hard time thinking of something that makes me feel happy. Maybe I’m actually happier when I’m NOT thinking at all!

This morning I did feel happiness watching my kids wake up with energy and joy. They asked me to make tiny sandwiches. They set up for a tea party on the back porch. They turned on music outside, started dancing and blowing bubbles. My youngest daughter said, “best day ever,” as she put on her cowgirl boots and new coat her aunt bought her.

I woke up earlier this morning after having a dream about her. I felt a sense of panic that I wasn’t spending enough time playing with my girls. I went in their room and adjusted my daughter’s favorite blanket over her tiny body. I kissed her head and hugged them both with a touch of my hand. I know this is a “good age,” based on what many of my older patients have told me. I think of their advice often, “enjoy your kids.” I loved considering their advice and contemplating how each person decided to make a life. These wise men and women had time on their hands to think about the important things that made them happy, and they seemed eager to share these things with younger generations.

I’m still learning about myself and this concept of happiness. Maybe the definition varies among different people, but as I continue contemplating, I plan to continue sharing and teaching my children what I learn.



  1. Strawberryindigo · October 20, 2014

    I think it’s easy to equate happiness with excitement when actual happiness is more akin to contentment. Sounds like you have the meaning of it down; appreciation and gratefulness is where it’s at. Great post!


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