Teamwork and leadership

Working with people. Trying to get people to work together. What do you do when everyone wants to lead and no one wants to follow? What do you do when people are only looking after themselves and their agendas and have no initiative to help someone else? I believe if you help someone else get what they want, you will get what you want. However, you have to set boundaries, of course. You don’t want to enable someone to be dependent on your “help” to live their life, but I believe you can model behavior that can still help that person make better decisions. Many times people learn better by observing and doing than being told what to do. Some people are so bent on leadership they cannot take instruction or suggestions, they have to come to the conclusion on their own about what is best for the whole or even themselves as individuals. I don’t believe in manipulation because I think it leads to bitterness. But I believe in honesty. Express your desire to see teamwork and improved outcomes and believe that hopefully the person you are working with will agree with your vision and join you without feeling like they are giving their power away. Some people, so driven by their ego and their desire to feel in control, often care more about image than they do about what is best for everyone. I believe the greatest leaders are the servants. The ones who humble themselves to help others, not to manipulate, but just out of sheer desire to see good outcomes overall. It is a great feeling to help someone else. If everyone looked for opportunities to serve instead of trying to boss everyone or tell them what they are doing wrong, I think it would create more of a teamwork mentality and a more pleasant work environment. Some people are in positions of authority and they deserve to be followed and respected. However, some people want this for themselves and treat other people poorly, spend more time trying to tell other people what to do, instead of focusing on what they can do themselves. Sometimes people want to change the world, but they don’t realize they have to change themselves first. People seem to respond better when you present the challenges and allow them to come up with ways to solve them instead of telling people specifically how something should be done. Nevertheless, there are different personalities that perform better under direct instruction, but perhaps it is individualized for each person. Obviously, there is much to learn about leadership and working with others. Unfortunately, this can often be complicated by high turnover in a company, in which case, individuals have to keep earning the respect of new coworkers to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding mission and vision. Training seems never ending when retention is a problem. On a positive perspective, human beings thrive on challenges. Without them, we would be bored. Knowing we have a mission and a purpose, including overcoming obstacles, can ignite passion within people to work together to create better outcomes.

Just a personal observation about group dynamics and teamwork.


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