Color Oracle Interpretation 

At the present time your behavior is characterized by your need to improve your situation. When you find problems too burdensome, you in no way hang your head but instead, you undertake quite a bit in order to rid yourself of them as quickly as possible. You set yourself a goal and make way for it ceaselessly and untiringly. Or you throw yourself into an activity which satisfies you and distracts you from your problems.

Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Pleasing

Of great importance to you now is…

…optimistic self-encouragement.

Again and again, you consciously adopt a positive inner attitude. This helps you to better stand up under the hardships of the present. You create goals, projects or ideals for yourself that give you a boost and the hope that your life will be better and happier. You search for ways and means which allow you to enjoy life without care and to spend more time devoting yourself to the things that bring you joy. In order to forge ahead in good spirits you now need…

You can ask yourself:

…vigorous self-assertion.

You now want to pull out all the stops in order to achieve what you have planned. Your chances are good because if you feel something is important you are able to show initiative, grab the opportunity spontaneously and act with vigor. You can also display energetic efforts in your personal relationships: if you love or admire someone you are prepared to undertake quite a bit in order to win or hold on to his affection. You utilize a major portion of your powers for…

You can ask yourself:

…enrichment through expanding your horizons.

With senses on alert, you seek contacts, knowledge and information which open the door to better opportunities for an interesting and entertaining life. For this reason, you probably spend some of your time in front of the screen. You are prepared to learn anything as long as it can be practically applied and it serves your personal development. Other topics which may be relevant for you now are a change of lifestyle, of scenery or of your occupational situation. Joyful self-development is unthinkable for you without…

…joyful fulfillment of your desires.

It is very important to you to achieve what you are striving for and to experience the joyful fulfillment of your wishes. The thing that actually often compels you into action is your deep yearning for unadulterated, lasting happiness and inner peace. If you seek these things in the realm of material possessions, relationships and experiences, you will suffer disappointment over and over again. You believe you have the “magic formula” for achieving unadulterated happiness, namely…

…alert self-protection.

You carefully scrutinize everything that crosses your path, and you don’t say yes to it until it has passed your acid test. You decidedly and resolutely fend off everything that could hinder your personal development, and you keep your distance from unpleasant people who try to manipulate, define or influence you. The thing you have consciously planned is…

…objective assessment of the situation.

Whatever you perceive – people, things or information – you analyze it, both critically and with a certain amount of skepticism, because you want to be certain whether it is beneficial to you or not. You are not easily misled, and in line with the motto “once bitten, twice shy”, you keep your distance from everything that could damage your wallet, your reputation, your wellbeing or your peace of mind.

Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Unpleasant

At the moment you feel most anxious due to your…

…internal anxiety.

Tasks not yet accomplished, difficulties or a painful situation keep you constantly on the move and in a state of inner tension. You often study your problems, going round in circles, and have difficulty shutting off this mental merry-go-round. This situation will only change when you screw up the courage to work through your internal emotional problems. You are unclear what to do regarding your…

Your unconscious advises you to:

…oppressive sense of apprehension.

You are concerned about a situation the outcome of which is uncertain. You contemplate various options of what you could do, so that everything turns out the way you think it ought to. In doing so, you cling too rigidly to your own views, and you have too little faith that it might also be good for you if, for once, events evolved differently from what you had imagined. By the way, no problem has ever been solved by worrying. You worriedly ask yourself how things will progress with regard to your…

Your unconscious advises you to:

…distressing relationship problems.

At the moment, you are more aware of your personal needs, worries and problems, and this makes contact with others more difficult. Your relationship difficulties make you all the sadder because, under the current conditions, you need loving attention more than usual. It would be easier for you to get what you need if you were better able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. You inwardly sigh over your…

…burdensome situation of suffering.

You believe people should behave correctly, considerately and kindly towards you so that your interactions run pleasantly and without friction. Since this is frequently not the case, you often become indignant over their incorrect behavior and views or their lack of kindness. You easily get the feeling of being someone’s innocent victim and believe you have every right to be outraged. You also suffer quite a bit due to your…

…adverse existential uncertainty.

You are suffering from the fact that you have to do without certain amenities, enjoyments and pleasures because you don’t have enough money to afford them. You have no lack of ideas for what you could do and buy but your uncertain existential situation hinders you in carrying this through. It is also possible you have decided to use your money for more important things. At the moment you are unsure what you should do about your…

…fear of rejection.

You often feel isolated from other people by an invisible wall, and sometimes you get the creeping feeling that even the people you like don’t really love you and possibly even reject you. On the other hand, you enjoy standing out from the crowd with your willfulness, unusual views and egocentric behavior. Your “distinctiveness trip” does win you attention, but not the warm-hearted affection you require.


One comment

  1. the Prodigal Orphan · June 24, 2015

    Followed your lead over to
    Picked the colors.
    It was kind of spooky in a way. Like whoever designed this test had been listening in on my nocturnal admissions the last few months and paying very close attention.
    That was just too strange.
    I mean… the interpretation I read absolutely nailed it. Absolutely. Totally and absolutely, with possibly a bit more apparent insight into it all than I had been able to muster.
    Kind of strange, way to spooky for this time of the day.
    But it all makes perfectly good sense.
    There are ways our minds communicate with us, or communicates within itself, that transcend words, but can be “heard” by others who know the “language”.
    Pretty spooky, but just plain cool.
    Thanks for passing it on.
    And for sharing your results.

    Liked by 1 person

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