To me, how a person would describe herself depends on many things: How she presently sees herself, how she wants to be perceived by others, how she saw herself previously, including past accomplishments, what she is currently passionate about, her personal profile, professional traits, and who she would like to become, including goals and aspirations. With that being said, I have found it hard to make a generalized note “about” myself, which I consider a very complex being, often changing, and still fearful of divulging too much information for the uncertainty of potential repercussions when persons no longer know you on a superficial level. I dislike stereotypes. I dislike bullying. I enjoy making others feel loved and accepted. I like humor and hearing people laugh. I like the feeling you get from helping someone who cannot repay you. I like keeping secrets from myself about those I’ve helped in a strange effort to keep me from developing a complex. I try to stay humble. I try to be the leader and mother I would want in my own life. Sometimes I get bored easily if I don’t feel challenged. But I have to balance the busyness to manage the stress. I experience the same things every other human being goes through, but my perception of those experiences, in my opinion, is what makes me unique. I try to get better instead of bitter. I try to forgive immediately. I try my best. I try. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest each day. I have faith in God. I believe that each individual holds great potential, and I try to bring that out in every person I meet. But if I can do great things, but I have not love, then I am nothing. I value love above all. Love for God and love for others. I am not perfect, but I can love.


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  1. the Prodigal Orphan · February 7, 2015

    “I experience the same things every other human being goes through, but my perception of those experiences, in my opinion, is what makes me unique.”
    You get it, little sister, don’t you?
    You get it.
    In the process of trying to explain my Depression or Anxiety or the ADD to others, in the ongoing attempt to understand my wife’s Borderline Personality Disorder or my dearest friend’s challenges, I find myself telling others and reminding myself…
    we all feel the same things. We think similar thoughts, and while our reactions might differ in response to everything around us, it’s the degrees to which we feel the effects of all those things that comprise the only true differences between us.

    I wish more people would have caught on to that by now.
    Even those…
    or maybe especially those who have felt The Spirit at one time in their life or another, to one degree or another.
    Yet it sadly seems that too many of us are out there looking for the all the ways in which we differ from one another rather than the unique ways in which we are exactly the same.

    Nice meeting you.


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